Sunday, September 17, 2017

For Men With Style Questions, This Brooklyn Shop Has Answers

Max Vogel at Wolves Within, the clothing store in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn he owns with his wife, Bethany. CreditLandon Speers for The New York Times
“Can you stop doing that, please? I worked very hard to get that tree in here.”
Bethany Vogel was scolding her dog, Schichi, a 4-month-old husky mix who was gnawing on a tree that is part of the décor at Wolves Within, a homey clothing store in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. Ms. Vogel and her husband, Max, opened the place in 2011. They started with clothing from up-and-coming designers and vintage items like Zippo lighters, which have migrated to their housewares shop, Home of the Brave.
“There was nothing that showcased young designers that were making things in the U.S. that were really about the heritage of design, and supported the people and the process behind it,” Ms. Vogel said.
Her husband spoke with us about what men are buying right now.
What’s a summer style that’s sold well this season?
Every summer we do well with shirts. Our male clientele come to us because of shirts. They can’t find different fits that work well, and that’s an issue all guys have. Not everyone fits the same small, medium, large or extra-large.
What would work for me?
I would recommend Alex Mill. It makes sense in terms of your build, because it’s more relaxed but still looks modern and accords with the trends. You’re on the shorter side but more broad-shouldered. Athletic.
Thank you. What length of shorts was in this year?
In general, the shorter length. We love the shorts by Alex Crane. We introduced it last year, but it was this year that everyone got on board to show more knee and leg. In the end, it’s a more comfortable fit; it has the elastic waistband. That’s the other great thing about Alex: Most of his stuff is linen, which is a material that’s breathable, has been around a long time and lasts forever. You can iron it, and it will look good and crisp, but you can also wear it wrinkled. It can have different lives. Next year, he’s going to do pants.
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What if you’re not a shorts guy?
Personally, I would go for Save Khaki. Three years ago, they did this fit that was extremely relaxed and it was well received, for the ahead-of-the-pack kind of guy, wider on the top and tapered on the bottom. Now it’s everywhere. They’re a clean, tapered fit in a five-pocket style, in cotton. You can wear them to work and then out at night.
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