Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Mexican doctor and luxury jeweler


Typo triggers ‘war’ between Mexican doctor and luxury jeweler


A Mexican doctor just got the deal of a lifetime from Cartier: $13 U.S. dollars for a $13,000 pair of earrings after the company made a typo on its website, missing three zeros – “$237” pesos instead of “$237,000”— that spurred Mexico’s federal consumer protection agency’s involvement.

As reported by CBS, the luxury jeweler tried to cancel the order for diamond and gold earrings after it had discovered the costly mistake on its website; a shocking deal Rogelio Villarreal found while idly browsing Instagram, the man wrote on his social media. 

Cartier tried to compensate Mr. Villarreal with a bottle of champagne and leather accessory to apologize for the inconvenience it had caused, a French media outlet reported. But Mr. Villarreal deemed the offer unsatisfactory, and instead contacted Mexico's federal consumer protection agency. The company then went forward with the sale, as the man later bragged on his social media: “war is over.”

It is unclear whether Cartier’s insurance covered the typo, or whether there’s an exclusion for this exclusive brand’s mistake, as the company did not respond to media requests for comment. 

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