Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Christian Vogt's first solo exhibition in France since 1990

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Galerie Esther Woerdehoff opens Christian Vogt's first solo exhibition in France since 1990
Christian Vogt, Self-release, 2003. The Flaxen Diary series. Pigment print, 100 x 129 cm, edition of 3. 

PARIS.- Christian Vogt is one of the most important contemporary Swiss photographers, from a generation of artists who revolutionized photography from the 60s. The longer I look is his first solo exhibition in France since 1990 and presents a selection of his recent works.

With a perfect mastery of the photographic technique that he has been practicing for fifty years, Christian Vogt explores all the specificities of the medium and its evolution. The photographer wonders about the changing relationship to reality, the spectator’s involvement in the aesthetic emotion, the discourse between text and image, the importance of the size and scale of the print. His photography is entirely commited to desire, to the marvelous possibility of freezing time, to the amazement of seeing the moment of shooting becoming an image. But it also allows the photographer to question reality and its perception, to confront the visible to its photographic interpretation.

Christian Vogt completely accepts to create an illusion of reality, filtered by the physical-chemical device of the camera and the printing. He ponders precisely about the work produced, its size, its printing technique and its edition. He selects his photographs with an extremely strict criteria keeping those that meet his ambitious quest: to see beyond the visible.

“Since the late 1960s Christian Vogt has produced a photographic oeuvre impressive for its creative inventiveness and its unexpected twists. He is a master of the art of photographic haikus, and a virtuoso of associative story telling with pictures. To Vogt, photography is never a mere reproduction but always a speculation about the meaning of the story hidden behind the surface, a reflection on the subjectivity of the photographic eye, in the awareness that the actual picture only emerges through the perception of the beholder…” Martin Gasser, Today I’ve been you , 2009

Born in 1946 in Switzerland, Christian Vogt lives and works in Basel. Involved in photography since the late 60’s, he studied at the Basel Design School followed by assistantships 1968/69 in London and with the American photographer Will McBride in Munich. Opening his studio in Basel in 1969, he worked in commission while continuing to pursue his artistic researches with a prodigious inventiveness, intensity and exceptional precision. This attracts an international clientele, (eg. NestlĂ©, Vogue Italy, Morningstar, USA, Landscape Architects, Ilford, etc.) and enables the development and continuation of his own work. Extensive travels further enrich his process (Far East, USA and Canada, etc).

Photography as research: for almost five decades, Christian Vogt has probed the entire spectrum of photography, pursuing his work in cycles and series. Since 1980, the integration of text has become an important element of his work. Regularly exhibited and the frequent recipient of awards since the Photokina Prize in 1972, his works are represented in numerous public collections and institutions.

In 2017, he released his latest book The longer I look – a retrospective reflection on his fifty years of photography.