Monday, September 25, 2023

"How many ships are there?"

 T f T » The fLIPADOS Team presents:

"How many ships are there?"

an investigative endeavour by Dick Cabecilha 

on a weekend

- Ze littlê grrey cellz neverr rrest!


How many ships are there @ Leixões, the professional harbour for the city of Porto.

2 on the left, behind and by the terminal... and that huge mass on the right

looks like there are two: the one with the white tower on the left and the other with the blue and yellow tower on the right

other witnesses say it's only one

and time waits 4 no 1

can you see?

this is beside the point

Only the terminal boat remains... and the other 2 (or just 1) nothing!

the posing blonde doesn't remember anything about boats or ships

The amateur inspector (dick) talks a lot and observes little

Now only the crane remains

These are even worse... many gestures and few words... those brains are utterly discombobulated by the usual and unusual shenanigans of large ships!

It remains to be concluded: had any paying customer asked us for such information?

No! So screw it and have a good Sunday, dear reader!



[the camera kept rolling and...]

Carlota Ciganda became legendary