Thursday, July 16, 2020

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Win a journey into the unknown!
Photographer: Tim Korbmacher Red Bull Illume 2016 Category: Enhance Athlete: Boogie Location: Duisburg, Germany
If you're based in Germany you can now submit to the National Image Quest 'Momentaufnahme 2020' on Instagram. No matter if you're a pro, hobby photographer or athlete, take your chance and show us your best adventure and action sports shots of the summer!

Learn more about the categories and how to submit now!
Image © Tim Korbmacher
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Vote for the LAST ROUND of weekly finalists!
It is the last round of public voting in the Special Image Quest 2020 and your last chance to choose from the pre-selection of creative imagery submitted via Instagram during the last week. See all images and videos up for the voting now on and give your favorites the chance to make the final stage of the contest and stay in the race for the title of the category and overall winner.

Be a judge yourself and vote for the last batch of finalist until Sunday, July 19!
Image © Johan Desma - Homework Category
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How to tell great stories - with Maxime Moulin
Maxime Moulin, Image Quest 2019 finalist in the all-new Moving Image category and three times Special Image Quest 20 pre-selection content creator, shares some of his secrets to great storytelling in adventure and action sports videography. Find out what inspires him to go out and create his totally unique content.
Find out how to create magic in our latest interview with Maxime!
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Week 4 voting is closed - these are the finalists!
A motocross-to-paraglider stunt, a home indoor skatepark that gets every skaters heart pumping, ... the creativeness and innovative spirit of the next round of Special Image Quest 2020 finalists are unrivalled! They all deserved to proceed to the final stage of the contest where they are examined by the official Red Bull Illume judges!  
Check them out yourself!
Image © Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Illume
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