Tuesday, June 7, 2022

monog EES L8


When Amber puts her selifies on Facebook for the world to see and comment.
Damn, Amber! Quit posting pics of you driving on Facebook. That's so selfieish. Eyes on the road, bitch.
by TheBlueRoom November 7, 2013
Get the selfieish mug.
Taking too many selfies without letting anyone else in the pictures.
Patty was totally being selfieish when she took 100 selfies and didn't ask her sister to get in on the fun.
by HSATgirl August 25, 2014
Get the selfieish mug.
Being so consumed by your social media existence, app communications and mobile phone you miss out on the reality unfolding around you in real time..
Why was she late picking up her little brother?!

She was way too caught up in her own selfieishness and lost track of time.
by MorganTheRed November 8, 2015
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