The Best Beds for Small Rooms Will Totally Surprise You

Your room is about to feel 10x bigger
Not all small rooms are created equal. Some are narrow, others low-ceilinged, and most are just totally square (figuratively and literally). In keeping, the best beds for small rooms are a varied bunch, with different attributes depending on what problem needs solving in your space. Maybe your room truly is minute—and you'd like to have at least somewhere to stand in the room—in which case you could consider a twin bed, a Murphy, a sleeper sofa, or a loft. Something that disappears when it's not in use! But what if you're dead set on squeezing a queen bed in there? You might get one with storage stashed inside, so you don't have to buy a dresser—or even a platform bed (a great option if low ceilings are the thing cramping your style). And if, all storage and floor space concerns aside, you just want a bed that makes you feel like it's a much bigger room than it really is, there are a few heroic options: Sleigh beds look very intentional when placed longways against a wall; and canopy beds, against all odds, will make a tiny room feel expansive. The point is that there's more to life than a mattress on top of a basic $70 metal bed frame—though if your room is the size of your bed, that might be just the thing.
animation of yellow and white room with bed that folds down from wall

Murphy Bed

Looks like a cabinet, but it's actually a fold-down-when-it's-bedtime bed! Tuck this amazing invention into a recessed wall and lift it up when you need some room to do cartwheels (but seriously: yoga) during the daytime. SHOP NOW: Murphy Bed with Mattress by Van Siclen, from $1,580,
upholstered twin bed with half-moon headboard and colorful pattern

Twin Bed

This might be obvious, but a twin bed will buy you a lot more space than a full bed if you're just one person sleeping in it. (Read this defense of the Adult Twin Bed if you have any reservations!) SHOP NOW: Demilune Bed in Sand Melio by the Inside, from $599,
flat, boxy blue platform bed

Platform Bed

Low ceilings got you down? It's time to get a platform bed, which will automatically make the room feel bigger since it's flush with the floor. SHOP NOW: Dodu Full Bed in Thurmond Marine Blue by Blu Dot, $1,499,
lofted mattress on wood construction with white ladder

Lofted Bed

If you're desperately in need of some extra floor space, get a lofted bed—and then tuck a desk, a bookcase, and anything else your heart desires underneath it. SHOP NOW: Perch Full Size Loft Bed in White/ Walnut by Oeuf, $1,650,
angular birch bed with drawers underneath

Captain's Bed

If you've barely got room for a bed, let alone a whole set of drawers to go with it, the move is to combine them. Sometimes called a captain's bed, a frame with drawers underneath will stow most of your clothes in no extra square footage. SHOP NOW: MALM High Bed Frame in White Stained Oak Veneer by IKEA, from $304,
geometric canopy bed in bright yellow

Canopy Bed

We know what you're thinking—how could a canopy bed be right for a small room? Just trust us. The way it lifts the eye and outlines the room will do all the work of a good paint job, well-placed artwork, and more. SHOP NOW: Architecture Bed in Yellow by Room & Board, from $1,099,
maroon upholstered sleigh bed with curled head and foodboards

Sleigh Bed

Another counterintuitive pick, but a sleigh bed is ideal for when you need a bed to run longways along a wall (weird required arrangements being the hallmark of small-room decoration). The curled-over head and food will make it look intentionally placed and feel extra cozy. SHOP NOW: Willoughby Bed by Anthropologie, from $2,198,
grey sofa with two cushions and tiny flap for opening into bed

Sleeper Sofas

If the small room in question is not your main bedroom, consider a sleeper sofa—there are so many that are actually good-looking!—so you can use the room for cozy movie nights, too. Bonus if you can find one with pillow and sheet storage inside. SHOP NOW: Osvald Sleek Queen Sleeper Sofa by Per Weiss for Innovation Living, from $1,895,
cast iron bed with geometric pattern in headboard

A Regular Bed

What we mean by this is any nonplatform bed that's 1) far enough off the ground to fit storage bins underneath and 2) wouldn't look crazy with a bed skirt (to hid the bins). Stow out-of-season clothes under there and nobody will be the wiser. SHOP NOW: Casey Black Iron Bed by Crate & Barrel, from $729
chunky platform bed with mattress lifted revealing storage

Storage Bed

Simply lift up the mattress to access clothes, shoes—pretty much anything you don't have space for in the rest of the room. SHOP NOW: Nest Storage Bed by Niels Bendtsen, from $2,026,