Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Handy Hashtags

Art World

11 Handy Hashtags for Navigating the Art World

Photo by @missmillemaria, with Ron Mueck's "Boy," categorized under the #ArtWatchers hashtag
Photo by @missmillemaria, with Ron Mueck's "Boy," appearing under the #ArtWatchers hashtag
Image: Courtesy @missmillemaria Instagram
“I gave a lecture once where someone in the audience seriously asked, ‘is it true that you have to use at least five hashtags per Instagram post?,'" JiaJia Fei, the Guggenheim's associate director of digital marketing, told me recently.
The answer to that query is “no," but the fact that it stood out as a burning question shows that hashtags—which themselves have only been around since 2007, when they were invented by Chris Messina, a former Google employee—have become an important part of the way that art circulates via platforms like Twitter and Instagram, just as they have become a vital tool in politics, activism, and many other fields.
Major public art projects come pre-branded with hashtags (think Creative Time's #karawalkerdomino), and most big art events spawn their own (thus #whibi becomes the place where people share their gripes about the Whitney Biennial).
When it comes to tapping into conversations that escape a specific event, however, you quickly run into problems of clutter: because everyone on Twitter who has ever put a brush to canvas tags their painting #painting, it's not that useful. There are, however, a number of hashtags that are useful for keeping track of different key conversation in contemporary art, magic passwords that are more granular than #art but less specific than #JennyHolzerAtHauserAndWirthSomerset.
Below are 11 worth checking in on.

A Day in the Life of... Sara Sampaio

A Day in the Life of a Victoria’s Secret Angel

A Day in the Life of a Victoria’s Secret Angel
When Victoria’s Secret calls and asks if you’d like to spend the day with an Angel, there’s only one thing to do: drop everything and pack your bags! So on Wednesday I did just that and jetted off to Houston, Texas where I met the beautiful Sara Sampaio on the latest stop of the Body by Victoria tour.
The trip marked the first solo appearance for the Portugal native, who landed her coveted wings back in April. “I couldn’t believe it,” Sampaio tell us about hearing the news for the first time. “Only when it went public did things get very surreal.” Becoming an Angel was a dream come true for the 24-year-old, who has grown up idolizing former Angels Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks. “All of them are incredible women and have branched out of Victoria’s Secret to do amazing things,” she says. “I hope one day that is me.”

As Sampaio is quickly learning, the life of a VS Angel is never dull. Case in point: her whirlwind 24-hour trip to The Lone Star State, complete with radio and local news appearances, three mall signings, and a stop at a local Tex-Mex favorite. We followed along to get a firsthand look at a VS Angel’s typical work day, and between appearances and outfit changes caught up with Sampaio to talk about everything from the new Body by Victoria collection to her guilty pleasures. Keep reading for exclusive photo diary.
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    6:00am: Hair and makeup arrive
    Early morning call times are de rigueur for VS Angels. Luckily, Sampaio had her go-to hair and makeup team—Dominick Pucciarello and Dominique Samuel, respectively—on hand to create her bombshell beauty look for the day. 
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    7:00am: Morning selfie
    After a quick breakfast of waffles and orange juice, Sampaio kicks off her Victoria’s Secret social takeover. 
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    7:45am: And we’re off!
    In the first look of the day—Ted Baker’s matching Salsah Ottoman Knit Crop Top ($125) and crop top and Sashaey Ottoman Knit Midi Skirt ($175)—Sampaio heads to the Rod Ryan Morning Radio Show. As Ryan put it, Sampaio was “rolling deep” with a crew of nine people.
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    8:15am: On the radio
    We arrived at the Rod Ryan Morning Show and we’re quickly ushered into the green room. No stranger to radio, Sampaio was a pro on the air. “It was fun,” she tells us of the experience. “I was a bit nervous. I feel like the first interview of the day is always the hardest, but radio is usually easier than doing TV.”
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    9:15am: Talking Body by Victoria on Fox 26
    Next stop, Fox 26 studios, where Sampaio chatted with Melissa Wilson and Rita Garcia about the new Body by Victoria collection.
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    10:45am: Photo Op
    We arrive at the Houston Galleria, and Sampaio slips into look number two, a lace Alex Perry dress. Time to meet the press! The beauty dishes on the new Body by Victoria collection, revealing her favorite style, the Lace Lounge Bralette ($29). “It’s so comfortable to lounge in when you’re at home,” she says. And I love the lace, because it gives it that sexy touch.”
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    12:00pm: Lunch Break
    Comfort food is key for Sampaio during long press days. Her lunch of choice? Pizza! “If I do not eat things I like, I’ll get very grumpy,” she says. “I go for stuff like popcorn and pizza, and tons of coffee. Cheat days are very important for your sanity.”
    So what’s her secret to staying fit and healthy? “If I’m on the road, I try not skip meals,” Sampaio tells us. “I try to workout at least two to three times a week, but if I need to get in shape fast, I run.”
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    1:00pm: Perfecting her signature
    With hundreds of fans waiting, Sampaio makes sure her autograph is on point for the Houston Galleria signing. 
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    4:00pm: Say cheese!
    Ready for the second signing at Willowbrook Mall, Sampaio snaps a photo of her fans. 
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    6:30pm: Outfit change #3
    Sampaio went out with a sartorial bang in this Olcay Gulsen Exposed Top Jumpsuit ($595) for the Woodlands Mall signing. 
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    7:00pm: Woodlands Mall
    A signed photo for a huge fan! 
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    PHOTO: Andrew Day
    8:00pm: That’s a wrap!
    10 hours later, the day is done! But not before we head to Pappasito’s Cantina for some margaritas and Tex-Mex.
    What was your favorite outfit from Sara Sampaio's Houston visit? Tell us below!

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