Thursday, September 23, 2021

Half a dozen cocks and 1 hen take a day trip


"Half a dozen cocks and 1 hen take a day trip"


this bunch used to hang out @ the edge of the park but this day they decided to cross the avenue

the sidewalk is not particularly appealing and the grass is a mess

they meet new people, albeit @ a socially responsible distance

so the impulsive cock in black & white decided it was time to go back to the park... jaywalking

forget the zebra crossing; it's for... zebras

what a clumsy attempt; let's go back and regroup

not the best of times for the rooster in black & white

he "lost face" and was treated like an outcast

the scarecrow in B&W seems to be shouting something, but the rooster is too far

it seems that another cock, of the orange & brown majority, is considering another go...

[to be continued by... TfT » The fLIPADOS team]