Wednesday, September 27, 2023

" The horse that identified as a... zebra!"


 T f T » The fLIPADOS Team presents:

" The horse that identified as a... zebra!"

the investigative report and foto-novela on gender issues of the animal kingdom as a dare (not a quest) by Américo/americA  

on a workday and evening

What's happened to our neighbouring brown horses... left there in the mud and dirt?

with insects and feeling depressed

this is not their usual hangout

it does not look good!

but W... T... F... is that on their usual playfield?!

a horse all dressed up (or should we say crossdressed)

and it looks like a zebra outfit!

having all those green fields just for him alone, it looks as if there were some magic mushrooms about! Someone is tripping...

according to the others, Ziggy decided to identify as a zebra and with all the "p.c. woke b.s." (politically correct woke bullshit) around, he was given the green fields for himself and the others were confined to the mud and shit... 

it's the sign of the times and if their keeper had done otherwise there would be enough woke organizations to send him to jail.

the rowdy minorities rule and the silent majorities suffer

and the Ziggy creature doesn't even have to explain if he or she is transgender, trans-species, trans-sexual, gay, lesbian or just plain curious... someone is very HIGH on substances and arrogance

and the owner had to move fast around all the equine boutiques because Ziggy wouldn't have just about any dress

it had to be BUCAS!

of course Ziggy isn't the only creature with identity issues: Bettie liked zebras as long as she could be the cheetah among them

others settled for evanescent tissues

or the wonders of ars photographica

or ars publicitaria

or ars fashionistica

even ars mechanista

humans even wear animal skins to look rough or sexy

well said

yes and no, right!?

- "What about us?!"

Well, maybe!



TfT are Cabecilha, Flipado, RozáriaS & Américo/americA