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Lego House to open in Denmark

“Real life” Lego House to open in Denmark this month

After seven years, the new Lego House will open its doors to the public on 28 September 2017, finally realising everyones’ dream of entering a ‘real’ Lego building. Built in Billund, Denmark (the “Home of the Brick”), the Lego House will provide a range of creative experiences for both adults and children. The creation of the new educational space is another step on the brand’s quest to support “Learning Through Play” by allowing children to use their creativity to stimulate their development.
Designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the building is comprised of 21 large white blocks in the style of the iconic Lego brick, stacked one on top of the other. Although an apparently simple move, it represents the core building blocks of creativity and play that are at the centre of the brand’s ethos. “If BIG had been founded with one single purpose, it would be the purpose of building the Lego House,” stated Ingels in a promotional video on the brand’s website.
Inside, the building is made up of five colour-coded physical spaces, each representative of one of the five competencies of Lego’s “Learning Through Play“ – having fun, experimenting, tinkering, messing around and making mistakes. Each zone provides a specifically tailored experience that enables children and adults to exercise creativity, cognitive abilities, emotion and social play with outdoor areas designed to cater for physical play and spatial awareness.
Via Lego House Media
Via Lego House Media
Via Lego House Media
Via Lego House Media

typographic identity for electronic music festival

Work / Graphic Design

Darius Ou creates dynamic, typographic identity for electronic music festival

Designer Darius Ou has created an identity for ScopePlus, an electronic music and art festival held in Huddersfield. Set up by record label Mutualism this year, the festival combines live music with an art exhibition and workshops. Darius was brought in by his friend Sebastian Zimmerhackl who is also part of the design team, “he was working in Germany and the client were in the UK, whereas I was in Singapore, so we all communicated through emails, Skype and Facebook,” explains Darius.
“I wanted to capture this synergy between them and the community, as well as between electronic music and art. Because of this, the first visual that formed in my head was not a static one, but an animated sequence.” The festival explores the wide spectrum of what live electronic music can be and inspiration first came from the name of the festival. “The words ‘scope’ and ‘plus’ form two main ideas, one about the ever-expan­ding scope of what art and music can be, and the other about the idea of zooming­-in. The art direction of ScopePlus takes cues from these ideas and is derived from an animated ‘zoom in’ loop sequence of chara­cters within chara­cters.”
Using thick, bold typography as the main visual, the identity encompasses animated teasers and promo videos as well as posters, programmes and a website, creating a cohesive aesthetic. For the colour palette, Darius and the team experimented with various bold combinations to capture Mutualism’s spirit and its hopes for ScopePlus, settling on metallic purple and cool black for maximum impact. Despite the challenges of working across three cities in three different countries, the identity explores the boundaries between graphic design, motion graphics and audio design. “We hope that the design does the even justice and conveys the festival’s spirit and vibes effectively,” says Darius.
Darius Ou
Darius Ou
Darius Ou
Darius Ou
Darius Ou