Monday, October 3, 2016

FLASH-TRANCE | shades should be worn at all times | ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK | you have been warned



FLASH-TRANCE is a long lasting story by The Flipados Team and has been considered a FOPSA (Fully Operational Public Service Announcement)


  Figure zero | Flash-trance is caused by this piece of Op-art!!



 In this important and extended version of the story, we will tell you how to protect your eyes and your mental health from the evils of Op & Kinetic Art that we hoped was long extinct if not for the irresponsible actions of The Flipados team!



 ... to be continued / developed / written and illustrated acording to the wild and rugged imagination of the Flipados...

The saga

Figure one | this old sunbathing eye protection might have worked but his expression suggests otherwise


Figure two | unlike Mister Brown (from fig. 1) Miz White managed to protect her skin but then her eyes... it's a whole different BALL game

Figure three | similar effects altered Miss Chita's usually friendly gaze

Figure four | so let's protect your eyes!

Figure five | this dark powder paint thing seems to be popular

Figure six | she looks determined to be protected... and she is very clumsy

Figure seven | too late for this weirdo (he likes to eat pussy)

Figure eight | OMG her eyes are OK but her face...

Figure nine | some people are vulnerable to kriptonyte

Figure ten | and they become case studies

Figure eleven | others make horrific decisions...

Figure twelve | ... that turn their faces into swiss cheese

Figure thirteen | Flash-trance has some serious SIDE effects

Figure fourteen | but surgical help is already on the way

Figure fifteen | with beautiful results

Figure sixteen | well not always

Figure seventeen | definitely not always

Figure eighteen | although that might depend on personal taste

Figure nineteen | eyes are like pyramids: very old

Figure twenty | big eyes look good on babies but...

Figure twenty-one | not all babies are alike

Figure twenty-two | anyway, BIG eyes will haunt you

Figure twenty-three | and mess with your brain

Figure twenty-four | then you commit social suicide using masochistic actions

Figure twenty-five | or by acting plainly wierd


Figure twenty-six | weird is a cultural thing

Figure twenty-seven | art goes beyond weird

Figure twenty-eight | but not to worry

Figure twenty-nine | it's all done within tradition family values

Figure thirty | in Kuwait orange is portugal

Figure thirty-one | in Portugal ku-vaite does not mean orange

Figure thirty-two | anonymity is like censorship...

Figure thirty-three | ... a bitch

Figure thirty-four | such a beauty... you can't get enough

Figure thirty-five | here she is again

Figure thirty-six | ... and again

Figure thirty-seven | going back to our purpose, let's check your eyes

Figure thirty-eight | no time to squint

Figure thirty-nine | is that thick enough to protect you?

Figure forty | could this be the solution against Flash-Trance?!

Figure forty-one | this is more traditional but less legal


Figure forty-two | therefore she will be punished

Figure forty-three | now this is completely different

Figure forty-four | and harmony is back to Op art

Figure forty-five | it's a delight to watch...

Figure forty-six | ... and to be watched

Figure forty-seven | then you have to turn the Page!

Figure forty-eight | NEW TECHNIQUES are tested everyday...

Figure forty-nine | ... for ladies


Figure fifty | ... and gentlemen

Figure fifty-one | ... for girls

Figure fifty-two | ... and boys

Figure fifty-three | ... for us (the portuguese)


Figure fifty-four | ... and them

Figure fifty-five | ... the infidels

Figure fifty-six | ... our girls

Figure fifty-seven | our heroes are the first to try

Figure fifty-eight | our armies are fierce

Figure fifty-nine | our soldiers are deadly...

Figure sixty | ... but they keep finding victims of FLASH-TRANCE :(

Figure sixty-one | could this be the solution against Flash-Trance?!


Figure sixty-two | or this?

Figure sixty-three | or even this?!

Figure sixty-four | face your fears

Figure sixty-five | and shout!

Figure sixty-six | put on your war paintings!

Figure sixty-seven | Let's check your eyes again!

Figure sixty-eight | there you have the culture crash (cf. fig. 61)

Figure sixty-nine | 69 indeed

Figure seventy | here's another contraption to deal with the nasty Flash-trance!

Figure seventy-one | otherwise you'll get striated eyes

Figure seventy-two | Always practice safe sex

Figure seventy-three | and safe mummification

Figure seventy-four | ... safe networking...

Figure seventy-five | ... but only up to a point!

Figure seventy-six | she's probably safe (eyes without a soul)

Figure seventy-seven | Boy George's son

Figure seventy-eight | Rozete from VANTAG

Figure seventy-nine | NOT Rozete

Figure eighty | and how are your eyes now?

Figure eighty-one | don't go there!

Figure eighty-two | your eyes seem to be ok but not FKA's...

Figure eighty-three | Oh my, if this chastiser could deal with the FLASH-TRANCE...

Figure eight-four | this Flash-Trance annihilation business is so exciting!!

Figure eighty-five | I'm so horny! mmmmmm... spank me spank you!!!

Figure eighty-six | Yeah baby yeah!!!... Hey?! where am I?

Figure eighty-seven | I got carried away by the sadomasochistic randiness of the situation and was trapped in an OP ART counter attack! OOOHH aaah I'm dizzy!

Figure eighty-eight | HELP!

Figure eighty-nine | Could it be LOVE?!

Figure ninety | I'm so confused!

Figure ninety-one | not again... it's moving!

Figure ninety-two | OP ART is winning!

Figure ninety-three | ... and I'm whining :(



This saga started in February 2016 with some of the images and was finished by early October with the texts




Now we will be developing new ways of displaying this storym that you will be able to enjoy without the perils of........ 





Famous last words


- "We'll be back!"