The Nipples Of Art History Get An Instagram-Friendly Makeover

Art history made kosher for the Internet police.

Are you scandalized by that particular combo of areola and nip that appears on a female form?
You know, the salacious peachy patch of skin absolutely unsuitable to float around social
media channels?
Artist Micol Hebron is here to help. In 2014, the feminist artist came up with a handy tool to make
 your X-rated photos miraculously family friendly. Simply replace your lady nipple with the template
 conveniently located below. It may look rather similar, minus a few particular bumps or hairs, but
rest assured, it's a dude's nipple, so you're in the clear.
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Recently, Hebron's miraculous discovery has been meme-ified, as
 Instagram users across the web are sticking Hebron's SFW pasties atop their own unpardonable
nips. The Free The Nipple movement quickly joined in, urging feminist net activists to replace their
own nipples with those of someone with a penis, to show the hypocrisy of it all.

As art lovers know all too well, the art history canon is also subjected to censorship on social media,
 with boobies crafted by the greatest minds in art history deemed overly scandalous for Facebook,
even hundreds of years after their creation. So, we've decided to tidy up these naughty archives,
replacing the womanly nipples of yore with their masculine (and totally, obviously unobjectionable)

Behold, for your viewing pleasure, art history made kosher for the Internet police, thanks to a few
handy pasties. Share the images below as you please on your social media channels. They're just
harmless male teats!