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June 16, 2017

Ben Zank featured in Issue 17. Enigma  GIF © Margaret Erlano
Woman Crush Wednesday:
KangHee Kim
Interview by Margaret Warburton

"I go out to take photos without thinking about that I am going to collage the most of time. I focus on the each frame without planning ahead. I have a big achieve of photos from scenery and street photos. I go through them on my computer and mix match those images. It is the most exciting part for me that leads me be in the space want to be in."


 © KangHee Kim 
Photographic Alphabet:
H is for Matt Henry
Written by Tyler Austin

"...His work is filled with interesting collections that draw inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s. Each series follows a plot with a different cast of characters and storyline.

 © Matt Henry

A Dip into the Archives:
Andres Serrano
Interview by Andrea Blanch

"I use pretty much the same camera, lighting and film I used twenty years ago. I also shoot in the studio as I always have. The only thing that changes is the subject matter and the picture."

© Andres Serrano, courtesy of Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art

Film Review:
Letters From Baghdad
Written by Belle McIntyre

"We don’t know exactly what we intend to be in this country. We rushed into this business with our usual disregard..."
Exhibition Review:
Woman In Landscape at Deborah Bell Photographs 
Written by Madeleine Leddy

"From Monet’s Coquelicots and Femme avec ombrelle; to Richard Avedon’s classic cliché of Carmen mid-step..."

© William Silano Estate
Art Out:
Penelope Umbrico at the Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse

  © Hallie Neely
Art Out:
Helen Levitt at Laurence Miller Gallery


© Ericka Barroso
Art Out:
Teju Cole & Fons Ianelli at Steven Kasher Gallery



© Laerke Mollegaard
Art Out:
David Zimmerman at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

© Fernando Sandoval
Open Mic:
DG Krueger
View more by DG Krueger here!

We have added a new submission link to our site, where everyone is welcome to send in their art made in response to the current administration. Submit your work to

   © DG Krueger
Curated by Musée Magazine, available at
Limited edition fine art prints from previously featured emerging artists!

   © Matthias Heiderich Material I 01, 2016
Benrubi Gallery
Lauren Semivan: Pitch
June 22 - August 25

Klein Sun Gallery
Ji Zhou: Ji Zhou
June 22 - August 05

Erie Art Museum
Mark Perrott: Ancient Ink
June 23 - January 28, 2018

Stanley-Wise Gallery
Group Exhibition: Women Seeing Women
June 23  - August 31
 © Myles Loftin
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