Thursday, March 21, 2024

Aesthetic Trends


Beyond Mob Wife: The Next Wave of Aesthetic Trends

Mob wife, Barbiecore, coastal grandma, quiet luxury . . . clean girl?! Every other week, we learn about a new trending aesthetic. As these thematic fashion styles—popularized by TikTok—take over, it’s essential to take a sartorial tutorial on what’s coming next.

Rich Person’s Dog

Fancy collars, light layers, faux fur over real fur, houndstooth, preppy hair bows that you loathe, a few treat crumbs on your face, zero clue how good you look.

Ath-formal Wear

Terry-cloth bow ties, pleated basketball shorts, satin jockstraps, velvet sports bras, silk yoga pants, Jordans with a six-inch heel.


Minimalist bling like a single dazzling gem, approachable neon, absolutely chaotic hair, no pants.

Orca Girl

Black-and-white everything, wet-look hair, killer vibes all around.

737 max-inista

Don’t screw around with this runway style. Play it safe—opt for belts and slides and puffy vests—and watch doors open for you.

Spotted-Lanternfly Goth

Daring patterns and neutral browns, with pops of black and red. This look first hit the streets of New York in 2020, but still crushes.

Classic Nosy Neighbor

A.k.a. “curtain chic.” For the inevitable true-crime-doc cameo, wear whatever outfit smugly conveys that prying pays off.

Kohl’s Cash Austerity

Quiet luxury is out. Your LC Lauren Conrad blouse was so discounted it was basically free, and you should shout that from the rooftops.

Supreme Court Casual

This aesthetic rules—featuring monochrome, shapeless robes with an air of mystery about what’s going on underneath. Some people will have bold opinions about this style, but they’re usually the ones who can’t do it justice.

Meta-morphosis Glam/Chrysaliscore

After being out of sight for a while, you suddenly appear sporting a new, dramatic look that stuns followers on any Meta platform.

Toddler Beauty-Pageant Loser

Frilly dresses, lacy socks, big Texas hair, your mother’s makeup. Your Wow Wear wows, but it doesn’t quite make the cut to reign supreme. To round out the vibe, throw a tantrum until someone gives you a Mountain Dew.

Gen Z Retiree

This is not a look—it’s a mind-set and life style, plus Crocs.

Nature’s Valley-Granola-Bar-Girl Summer

Permission, simply, to be a giant fucking mess. ♦


Birkin with a side of… scarves

 ridiculous litigation... 

if you don't have the money you don't get the honey

typical hipster / spoiled brat situation

ask anyone in the ART WORLD how it works over there

The U.S. are becoming ridiculous


Birkin with a side of… scarves?



Luxury brand Hermès is being accused in a new lawsuit of toting people’s dreams of carrying one of their exclusive — and tough to acquire — Birkin bags by forcing them to buy other products in an alleged pay-to-play scheme.

A complaint filed by consumers Tina Cavalleri and Mark Glinoga in a federal court in Northern California on Tuesday alleges antitrust and unfair business practices, arguing that Hermès has taken advantage of “market power,” the Fashion Law Blog reported.

The pair say that Hermès’ exclusivity strategy is the result of the “unique desirability, incredible demand and low supply” of its Birkin handbags in an effort to increase the prices and profits it earns from its Birkin bags, while also boosting its sales of other products.

According to the complaint, accessed by the blog, Hermès implemented “a scheme to exploit the market power” of its Birkin bags by “requiring consumers to purchase other, ancillary products from [it] before they will be given an opportunity to purchase” its most coveted creation.