Friday, July 3, 2015

TGIF = ontem foi 5ª feira e amanhã será sábado!

... talk about conflicting vibes... warship and yoga!

Greece’s Debt Burden: The Truth Finally Emerges

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Greece’s Debt Burden: The Truth Finally Emerges


(...) It’s pretty clear that many European leaders felt the same way as Merkel. But they were concerned that writing off some of Greece’s debts would set a precedent for other heavily indebted countries, such as Ireland, Italy, and Portugal...

 (...) Many European leaders have made it clear that they would like to see Tsipras gone, and they have suggested that a “No” vote would force Greece to leave the euro zone, something that most Greeks don’t want. Should the voters back a government that can’t say when the country’s banks will re-open? (...)

(...) We’ll have to wait a few days to see which way the referendum goes. But we now have some clarity on the larger picture. Greece isn’t going to cut, or reform, or grow it’s way to debt sustainability. Either it will default on virtually all of its loans and adopt a new currency, or it will need debt forgiveness of the sort that Germany enjoyed after the Second World War, when more than half of its loans were written off. That’s the reality.


Let Puerto Rico Declare Bankruptcy

Build Your Own Pavilion


Name the architects behind the Serpentine Pavilions

Pentagram helps the Serpentine launch its 2015 Build Your Own Pavilion project by illustrating every one of them

Cartoons from the Issue

-" Só me convidam por uma razão..."

-"Adivinha que cara estou a fazer agora?"


“You should be aware that we already have a strong in-house candidate.”

“From nine until one, you’ll be getting nothing done. From one until five, you’ll be asking yourself how that was possible.”