Saturday, June 27, 2015

Théâtre de la Mode

FITNESS -» mix of the day

Today we will present some more movements for the legs like these two for the outer thigh; they will work the glutes as well

 and now the calves
some of the best moves will work more than one muscle at the same time
the lunge is great for the legs
 the push-up works the chest, arms and - isometrically - the abs and legs

and if you do this right...
you'll be ready for the fitness convention :)


FITNESS -» costas | back



FITNESS -» braços | arms

The bicep curl is a basic exercise for the muscle in the front of the arm

the opposite movement will work the triceps

In this position you get a more advanced workout for the tricep muscles
 see how fitness champion Theresa Hessler does it


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