Saturday, June 13, 2015

Can Reading Make You Happier?

Art Criticism in the Digital Age

"Mad Max: Fury Rosie"

Rosie by Luigi & Iango for Lui June 2015

In her new film ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will break your heart as a pregnant apocalypse survivor fighting for freedom. The role isn’t a glamorous one: she’s clad in rags and covered in desert dirt. But Luigi and Iango are here to remind us all that when Rosie does glamor, she does it like no one else.
In their new cover story for Lui Magazine, Rosie sizzles in every single image.
Deborah Afshani keeps the focus on her knockout figure, styling her in a transparent raincoat, topless swimsuit, and vertiginous stilettos (and sometimes, nothing but glossy red lipstick courtesy of make-up artist Georgi Sandev). Even in these seductive shots, Rosie radiates a certain toughness. She’s showing the world that she’s got the beauty of a classic Hollywood star, and the confidence of an action hero. What could be more alluring?
Photo by Luigi & Iango
Styled by Deborah Afshani
Hair by Luigi Murenu
Make-up by Georgi Sandev
Nails by Marisa Carmichael
Text by Anna Griggs
Images courtesy of Luigi & Iango


Nastya Sten by Txema Yeste


Nastya Sten by Txema Yeste for Numero China June July 2015

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