Monday, August 28, 2023

I think you’re lying


Rory McIlroy has been battling nagging back pain at this week’s Tour Championship, and on Saturday he had to fend off an additional obstacle: teasing from one of the great trash-talkers in all of sports, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley.

Early in the week, McIlroy revealed that he’d injured his back on Monday in an unexpected way: throwing his daughter Poppy in a pool while relaxing with his family.

Rory McIlroy
How did Rory McIlroy hurt himself? He says he threw his daughter in a pool

The tweak to his back lingered, as he explained on Thursday.

“On Tuesday morning, I felt a little tight, and I went into my gym at home, and I just sort of foam-rolled and stretched. I went to grab something and my whole right side just completely seized up, spasm,” McIlroy said after his first round. “So I spent two hours with the physio at home, flew up here, felt a little better.”

7 cunning steps



Per Haugsrud and Henrik Bjørnstad are wonderful. 

One-time pros, they’re now Norwegian announcers. And Norway’s best male golfer has given them something to talk about. Or scream for. To that end, here is their call last week, when their man, Viktor Hovland, wrapped up the BMW Championship, behind an other-worldly 61 in the final round. The translation is courtesy of the PGA Tour’s social media team, and the video is below that. 

“Yes! He makes it!” Haugsrud shouted. 

“Holy — I want to scream out the worst words I’ve got. It can’t be possible. We think we have reached the top with this kid. Check out that scorecard. Twenty-eight [on the back nine] — 61 in total. What?”

“No, I mean, I am just totally speechless right now,” Bjørnstad exhaled. 

“He just smiles,” Haugsrud shouted again.