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In 1966 Raquel Welch captured the lust of everyone 8 to 80 with 2 films and a poster that made her the talk of the world!


Click this link for One Million Years BC here

In 1966 few people exercised, and it was quite clear Raquel had spent time in the gym when ONE MILLION YEARS BC arrived on the scene from Hammer films. There was no other actress as fit as she was and lines formed around the block to see her film. Even the NY Times was smitten by her look, as you can see in the quote in the poster above.

Wikipedia: One Million Years B.C. is a 1966 British adventure fantasy film directed by Don Chaffey. The film was produced by Hammer Film Productions and Seven Arts, and is a remake of the 1940 American fantasy film One Million B.C.. The film stars Raquel Welch and John Richardson, set in a fictional age of cavemen and dinosaurs coexisting together. Location scenes were filmed on the Canary Islands in the middle of winter, in late 1965. 

The Monthly Film Bulletin noted "Very easy to dismiss the film as a silly spectacle; but Hammer production finesse is much in evidence and Don Chaffey has done a competent job of direction. And it is all hugely enjoyable"; while more recently, The Times wrote that "seen nowadays it is a kitschy, retro scream. Yet as dinosaurs and giant sea-turtles roam the volcanic earth in One Million Years BC, this is also a chance to appreciate the early work of the great special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen."

Watch One Million Years BC click here

The same year ONE MILLION YEARS BC caused a sensation, Raquel wore a skin tight outfit in FANTASTIC VOYAGE. Once again, lines around the block. In those days you couldn’t buy tickets in advance. There were no multiple screens. So, you waited in line until your screening happened.

Watch FANTASTIC VOYAGE by clicking here

From Wikipedia: Fantastic Voyage is a 1966 American science fiction adventure film directed by Richard Fleischer and written by Harry Kleiner, based on a story by Otto Klement and Jerome Bixby. The film is about a submarine crew who is shrunk to microscopic size and venture into the body of an injured scientist to repair damage to his brain.

The film received mostly positive reviews. The weekly entertainment-trade magazine Variety gave the film a positive pre-release review, stating, "The lavish production, boasting some brilliant special effects and superior creative efforts, is an entertaining, enlightening excursion through inner space—the body of a man." Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote, "Yessir, for straight science-fiction, this is quite a film—the most colorful and imaginative since Destination Moon" . Richard Schickel of Life magazine wrote that the rewards would be "plentiful" to audiences who get over the "real whopper" of suspended disbelief required. He found that though the excellent special effects and sets could distract from the scenery's scientific purpose in the story, the "old familiar music of science fiction" in lush new arrangements was a "true delight", and the seriousness with which screenwriter Kleiner and director Fleischer treated the story made it more believable and fun. 

Photo: The space dance from her TV special RAQUEL!

Raquel Welch was a super star by the time she did her psychedelic tinged TV special RAQUEL! She had the top stars of the day and, you guessed it, the ratings went through the roof. The Space Dance must be seen to be believed.

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