Saturday, February 27, 2016

Here’s a Fun Way to Do Portrait Lighting Diagrams

Here’s a Fun Way to Do Portrait Lighting Diagrams

Screenshot (848)
Enjoy looking at lighting diagrams to see how photographers light their photos? Check out the way photographer Joey Hernandez shares his. Instead of sharing simple 2D layouts showing his gear and placements, Hernandez shoots behind-the-scenes photos of his shoots and overlays helpful (and humorous) labels across important (or random) things in the shot.

For example, the diagram above shows how he shot this self-portrait in his mom’s driveway:
Here are some of his other lighting diagrams followed by the portraits that resulted (click the diagrams to see a larger version):
February 19, 2016-25 FINAL BTS
February 19, 2016-25 FINAL
Screenshot (849)
February 19, 2016-101 FINAL BTS
February 19, 2016-101 FINAL
February 19, 2016-67 FINAL BTS
February 19, 2016-67 FINAL
February 19, 2016-82 FINAL BTS
February 19, 2016-82 FINAL
You can find more of Hernandez’s work on his website, Facebook, 500px, Instagram, and Twitter.
(via DIYPhotography)

Image credits: Photographs by Joey Hernandez and used with permission