Tuesday, October 3, 2023

E.U. ministers meet in Kyiv


The gathering of E.U. foreign ministers in the Ukrainian capital. Ukrainian Presidential Press Office, via Associated Press

E.U. foreign ministers meet in Kyiv

Nearly all of the E.U.’s highest diplomats met at a surprise summit in Ukraine’s battered wartime capital to reassert the bloc’s commitment to Ukraine against Russia’s invasion and to rebut concerns that some countries’ support might be waning.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine roused the E.U. into a run of unified action that was extraordinary for the often-fractious bloc. Over 18 months, the nations have imposed 11 rounds of economic sanctions on Russia, provided training for the Ukrainian military and given billions of euros in support.

But the West’s sustained backing has not come without strains, as member nations have struggled to reckon with the war’s economic consequences and to maintain political unity at home.

Details: The foreign ministers came from 23 of the European Union’s 27 members, and they were joined by representatives from the four remaining countries, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Sweden.

Morning Briefing, Europe Edition

October 3, 2023