Friday, November 12, 2021

"Half a dozen cocks and 1 hen take a day trip" PART three

 part one is here:

"Half a dozen cocks and 1 hen take a day trip"

PART TWO is here:

and NOW... for the AMAZING FINALE

of the cocks and hen tripping...

----- »»»» part 3

cock number 4 is going strong... but cock number 3 is back by the sidewalk

and the drivers lose their patience

and we have one more attempt

looking good... and no cars to be seen

what a nice and quiet moment

well done, cockdude!

now cocks 5 and 6 are doing their thing

... and taking their time: they seem to be teasing the cars!

WOW! This is daring! He's like a TOUREIRO (bullfighter) challenging the TOURO (bull)! And the bull being the car...

and then, also like a TOUREIRO, he parades around the TOURO pretending to be looking away

more and more cars are waiting

but now our TOUREIROcock is attacked from behind

but cock number 6 is near and joins cock number 5 (our exhibitionist)

So all 6 cocks have crossed the avenue back to their home park!...

And there, lost behind the lamp post is... the one and only HEN!!!

These cocks are not gentlemen!


Besides that you may have learned that cars in Portugal are mostly black... or gray.


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