Thursday, December 22, 2022

violations and snafus of 2022 golf

 2022 was full of bizarre, controversial rulings in professional golf.


It’s that time of year again.

As we charge head first into the holidays, pro golf is in a pause of sorts, one of the few real breaks on the calendar. That makes it the perfect time to look back on the year that was, and as with every year in pro golf, 2022 was full of weird, controversial and head-scratching moments involving the Rules of Golf.

The rules are one of the few things that connect the average weekend hacker with the PGA Tour’s best, and the game’s elite players sometimes struggle with following, or simply just understanding, the rules as much as we do.

With a new year on the horizon, we’re looking backing at 15 of the biggest, most talked-about rules scenarios in the pro game from the past 12 months. So scroll down to relive them yourself — you might even learn a thing or two.