Saturday, May 14, 2016

Take Two: Cindy Sherman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Cindy Sherman is a pioneering conceptual photographer, MacArthur-anointed genius and uncanny chameleon who has an exhibit at Metro Pictures in New York now and a retrospective at the Broad in Los Angeles next month. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a seven-time Emmy-winning actress, former “SNL” regular and originator of the lousiest — and funniest — dance move of all time, whose hit presidential comedy, “Veep,” is currently in its fifth season on HBO.
  1. Photo
    Relaxation Hoodie
    A cocoon-like sweatshirt in calming Baker-Miller pink that comes with a soothing soundtrack ($310,
  2. Cindy Sherman
    If looking at pink is calming, wouldn’t you have to stare at yourself in a mirror while wearing this? Maybe I’ll wear it before the next opening I feel anxious about — or to it.
  3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Putting on a pink straitjacket and zipping your entire head into a polypropylene bag has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety? I’m claustrophobic, so when I tried this — while driving — it was ineffective.
  4. Photo
    Twix Spread
    A toast-friendly twist on the classic chocolate bar (about $3,
  5. Sherman
    It’s like crack for sugar addicts. A couple days in, I polished the whole thing off without even using a spoon. I felt so gross afterward.
  6. Louis-Dreyfus
    Is this really necessary? Do we need to spread candy bars on things now? Have we no shame? F.Y.I., it’s delicious.
  7. Photo
    High-Tech Faucet
    Touch2O, which turns on and off by tapping on the spout or handle ($618,
  8. Sherman
    It’s great if you’re cooking chicken, because you can turn on the water with your elbow, but my kitchen isn’t quite so “American Psycho” minimalist.
  9. Louis-Dreyfus
    I’d tap that.
  10. Photo
    Smart Suitcase
    Luggage that weighs its contents, charges your phone and geolocates itself (from $295,
  11. Sherman
    I like the idea, but when I went upstairs to check on my suitcase — knowing that it was downstairs — the app was confused. It said “out of range.” I checked later in a cab, and it still said “out of range.”
  12. Louis-Dreyfus
    I love this bag. Very sleek, very groovy. It’s got its own app — weighs itself, locates itself, unfortunately does not pack itself.
  13. Photo
    Cloud Light
    An ambient lamp that flashes to the beat of songs played on its built-in speaker ($580,
  14. Sherman
    I didn’t realize what it was at first, and I started ripping up the cloud. It still looks O.K., maybe as a nice accent light on the floor somewhere.
  15. Louis-Dreyfus
    My forecast for its success: cloudy, but may clear up when I dig it out of recycling and plug it in. I thought the cloud was packing material.

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