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Playful Messages
Sing-Sing is an award-winning duo that work together on everything from design to film, creating projects for the likes of Lyft and Sagmeister & Walsh.
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Shifting Perceptions

Shifting Perceptions
Olafur Eliasson connects art, architecture, installation and design,  dismantling the presence of physical and cultural barriers in the process.
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Cultural Anthropology

Reconsidering humanity’s place within a complex, media-saturated and accelerating world through the presence of contemporary image-making.
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Aesthetica Magazine Issue 85

October / November 2018

Curiosity is the fuel for innovation and creativity is the ignition for invention. It’s this notion that when faced with a challenge or barrier, you can think of a solution. There is always an answer and sometimes it’s just an idea away. That is a liberating concept and one that I embody throughout my work and my personal life. You see, it’s important to see the glass as half full and many times that’s half the battle.
This issue is a celebration of ideas. We start with a feature on the fifth edition of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai and we look at how contemporary Chinese photographers are responding to censorship in the wider art market. This article traces the trajectory of photojournalism and fine art photography whilst acknowledging the surge in super collectors. Moving forward, Civilization is a new title that takes global expansion as its starting point and uses photography as a medium to understand the world. For example, think of all the shopping centres, retail parks and new housing estates – many of them have the same type of landscaping, such as trees that are small and sculpted. It looks very clinical and on a philosophical level, it’s eye opening how humankind’s relationship with the natural world has shifted so much that even nature is something that is constructed. We also highlight the work of Olafur Eliasson – one of the most prolific artists today, who has now turned his hand to architecture, cementing the intersection between art and design, whilst dismantling physical and cultural barriers. Bright, bold installations follow.
In the photography features, Alessio Albi, Alexis Christodoulou, Kris Provoost, Sing-Sing, Louis MacLean and Glashier perfectly combine to depict the vast scope of contemporary images, from minimal landscapes and surreal concepts to dramatic portraits and colourful architecture. Laura Zalenga’s  thought-provoking cover calls into question the need for self-reflection in a world riveted by images, profiles and social media. The self-portrait questions the multitude of layers in the individual. Finally, Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Gabriela Torres Ruiz takes the Last Words. Enjoy!

Future Now

100 Contemporary Artists 2018

The Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology celebrates the work of emerging and established practitioners from across the world, inviting audiences to be inspired by a wealth of ideas and perspectives. From Photographic & Digital Art and Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media, to Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture and Video, Installation & Performance, the works included in this year’s presentation come from diverse locations such as Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Singapore, the UK and the USA.
As the world is increasingly shaped by surveillance and data collection, the human condition has become one of rehearsal and performance. Exploring the wider effects of over-consumption, media stimulation and emotional disconnection, the artworks presented in the 2018 collection call into question new modes of communication, offering reflection upon the era of post-truth, where human autonomy can be reduced to calculable, predictable patterns of behaviour.
Each piece draws upon social and political structures to question the value that we place on the world around us and on ourselves. Selected from over 4,000 artworks, the 100 artists included in this publication look at a range of subject matter, from global financial systems to technology that replicates nature, creating a new vocabulary for life in the 21st century.

Creative Writing Annual

2018 Edition

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual celebrates established and emerging writers through a unique showcase of talent and imagination. This inspiring anthology includes a shortlist of 60 writers from the international literary prize, including a winner from both poetry and short fiction.
Harnessing the boundless potential of language with a variety of styles and techniques, the 2018 finalists offer limitless, unforgettable worlds.
Readers are invited to reconsider the human condition through inspirational, experimental and truly original narratives.

Creative Package

This is the ultimate package. Inspirational and elegant, it includes:
  • Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artists 2018
    This anthology showcases cutting-edge practice from today’s ground-breaking creatives. Through artists’ statements and critical essays, it invites you to discover global concepts through pioneering art and design.
  • Creative Writing Annual 2018
    This collection of outstanding new short fiction and poetry from across the world, alongside introductions by literary experts. This absorbing compendium promises to inspire you long after reading.
  • One-year subscription to Aesthetica Magazine
    On top of all this, you receive a 12 month subscription to Aesthetica Magazine, bringing you six issues packed full with the best in contemporary art and culture across the year.
With the Creative Package, you’ll be kept up-to-date with current trends as they develop across the international art world, and will gain insights into the work of leading practitioners shaping contemporary visual culture.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is Now Closed for Entries

Hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, the Aesthetica Art Prize is a celebration of excellence in art from across the world. It offers both emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience, and further their engagement with the international art world. The Judging Panel enhances its position in the industry, bringing together specialists from leading cultural institutions.

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is Closed for Entries

Hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is an international literary prize that celebrates excellence in Poetry and Short Fiction. With the aim to support and nurture new writing talent, it awards £1,000 cash prize to each category winner, plus publication within an inspiring anthology to a shortlist of 60 writers.

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