Q. I want to buy a new font online for my Mac, but how do I get it on my system?
A. The Mac operating system includes a utility called Font Book that you can use to add, remove and organize the fonts on your computer. You can find the program in your Mac’s Applications folder.
The Font Book utility program, included with the Mac operating system, can be used to add, remove and manage fonts and other typographic character sets. CreditThe New York Times
After you download a new typeface from an online font shop, double-click the file you received. Font Book should open automatically and display a sample alphabet or character set in the new font. Click the Install Font button at the bottom of the box to add the font to your Mac’s type library.
Font Book checks the fonts it installs to make sure there are no problems or incompatibilities with the new files. The program should also alert you if it finds duplicate fonts on the computer and fixes the issue for you. If you want Font Book to remove a font you no longer use, click All Fonts on the left side of the window and select the name of the typeface in the Fonts list. Go to the File menu and choose the Remove option; fonts used by the macOS menus, dialogue boxes and other system functions cannot be removed.
Windows users can install a new font by right-clicking the downloaded file and selecting Install from the menu, or by double-clicking the font file and selecting the Install button. Fonts can be managed in the Windows Font control panel. To get there from the desktop, go to the Start menu, type “fonts” in the search box and select “Fonts — Control Panel” from the results lists. When the control panel is open, you can add fonts by dragging them into the window. Selecting a font in the window and clicking the Delete button removes it.