Friday, February 12, 2016

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JORGE CARDOSO - conceptual and multimedia

"Censorship is a bitch" series
 (collage and multimedia)


"Editions of You" series (multimedia low-tech)

"Lying (Laying) Lolita's Lying Layers" series (with sound)

"West goes East" series (multimedia)

"Macau Now" series (multimedia)

A. DeLIMA - photography

"primavera" series

"Cut into" series

"Less is more" series

"Da Luz e das Sombras" series

ÂNGELO RIBEIRO - sculpture and drawing

 "O Grito" series


Obra em espaços públicos


CARLOS AZEVEDO - drawing and painting

"Capite et Tractio" series

"Lorem Ipsum" series

NUNO VELOSO - photography

"Global Wanderer" series


"Mind the Gap" series

PAZ AMORIM - sculpture and engraving

"As quatro manhãs" series

"Re-criar" series

PEDRO BRUSCHY  - photography and digital image

"Stereophotic" series (with sound)

"Digital People" series

SAHRA KUNZ and PEDRO BRUSCHY - painting and photography

"Ninety Degrees" series

MARGA CRESPO - photography and sculpture

"Dias de Desasosiego" series

"Pedras?" series

SERGIO ASTORGA - painting and drawing

"Entrelaçados" series


"Nuremberg" series


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