Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bruise Violet

Bruise Violet: Stay angry
The most energy on stage Friday came from Bruise Violet. Inspired by indiscriminate anger, this three-piece all-girl punk band sings about anything and everything that pisses them off.
The group’s subject matter covers fuckboys, "Sketchy Jeff," and other youthful struggles — a fitting repertory considering the majority of the three-part band is still in high school. But don’t let the fact that they’re young throw you off. They present high-energy entertainment, the members demonstrating skilled performance chops beyond their collective years. It’s almost sweet, and it’s almost scary.
Throughout the performance, Bruise Violet's youth was most endearing in the banter between songs. They called for selfies from the crowd, and expressed over and over again their collective disbelief at being onstage that night. While their brief set probably prevented a pit from breaking out, there’s some big excitement coming in the next year for them.

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