Monday, November 26, 2018

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What’s Up?
Giacomo Bagnara
Nov. 19—25
Tech Stocks Take Markets For a Ride
The economy may be soaring, but the stock market is getting airsick. A brutal midweek sell-off added up to a collective $800 billion in value lost by the tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google’s parent, Alphabet. (The S&P 500 was down 3.8 percent, one of its worst performances ever during a Thanksgiving week.) Analysts attribute the turbulence to President Trump’s global trade conflicts, a tightening labor market and rising interest rates, all of which threaten corporate profits. It may also be a sign that we’re headed for an inevitable slowdown in growth, ending one of the longest bull markets in history.


The Fed Is Watching
The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday will publish its first-ever Financial Stability Report, a new assessment of the country’s potential “vulnerabilities” based on financial data like bank loans and household borrowing. Announced earlier this month, the report will be issued twice a year from now on. The central bank is also mulling changes to the annual stress tests it has imposed on the country’s biggest banks since the 2008 financial crisis. Separately, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates again in December, despite pressure from Mr. Trump.

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